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How to Use Online Video to Flip the Classroom Explore how you can use online video to engage students, improve learning and become a cutting edge educator.


MCAT study tip from The Gold Standard MCAT Prep. Complete MCAT online courses with videos and practice tests, MCAT textbook with free online access to study resources as well as tools like MP3s, MCAT flashcards and iPhone apps.


Essential oils are made up of hundreds of natural chemical components. These components are an important part of the essential oil’s therapeutic action. When we study how to use the oils medicinally, it’s important to consider essential oil chemistry.


5 Awesome On-line Math Programs for Homeschool

Khan Academy Site looks excellent as far as I can see its a not for profit organisation providing free educational resources and it looks like you can earn badges and points for use or just research - not sure what age its aimed at but sure it will be som


OERs and Open Online Courses by Stephen Downes show different free online college courses. This would be a great tool to look at Chemistry notes, tutorials, quizzes to help clarify the material about Chemical Reactions.


Courses are designed to be interesting, fun and rigorous. They are the best online courses, from the best professors and the best schools, spanning dozens of subjects. Some edX courses now offer ID verified Certificates of Achievement.