Mevrouw Verona is de protagonist van dit boek. Ze is 82 jaar wanneer ze beslist om de heuvel met haar hond af te dalen.

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”I asked an old woman, “Which is more important to love or to be loved?” She replied: “Which is more important to a bird its left wing or its right wing?”~ ♛

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kind eyes and a smirky smile...I love old women like this who will grab your hand and talk to you for an hour.

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Tita wanted to live long enough to prevent her niece from having to look after Rosaura. This foreshadows what is to come in the novel

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By quietly looking at images of older women, we can learn to see the beauty in character, humour, wisdom, endurance and other inner qualities which shine through the inevitably maturing skin. Then perhaps we can start to love the lines and pouches as being a natural part of us and be proud of the life that has left these etchings on us.

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Yasmina Rossi is revolutionizing the modeling industry while simultaneously empowering women everywhere. The 59-year-old began her job as a model when she was in her late 20s—a time when most professionals are seen as too old and are forced to retire. When she turned 45 years old, that's when her career really took off as she worked for big companies like MasterCard, AT&T, and Macy's. Not only did she book big brands at an age that most in the industry would regard as “past her prime”, she…

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lesfemmes: (via A Lady / beautiful shot, well aged woman. #its okay to look your age, we all get old. enjoy the year you are in now, it won’t come back) #MissKL #MissKLCoachella

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