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A timeless classic! Factoids: 1) Mary Badham and Gregory Peck became close during filming and kept in contact for the rest of his life. He always called her Scout (2) Brock Peters delivered Gregory Peck's eulogy at his funeral and burial, June 16, 2003. Peck defended Peters in the movie. *Scan your old memories with Pic Scanner app for iPhone

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This is such a great list, forgive a few, of either old and classic or just classic movies! I must begin watching them all!

Scene from The Reverse Commute: "Hey I was just thinking of you. I'm laying on my bed in a bathrobe and nothing else, watching Roman Holiday," she said. "Is that supposed to mean something? What's Roman Holiday?" Oops! It was Nick. "No nothing. Just watching an old movie and tired after a kind of crazy day."