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What’s The Creepiest Conspiracy Theory?

@GolddennGoddess♛ Can you say your child's age in years if he or she is past a year old! Good grief!!

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Follow my tumblr prancing-gay-iguanas

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The greatest old meme of them all - Old Money Dog @Margaret Lowman

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I'm not sure why I just find Daredevil blind jokes endlessly entertaining. Murdock is the perfect straight man. Polished up an old meme in anticipation of Daredevil Season 2. --- Also be sure to tune in to this week's episode of Blerd Vision to hear our thoughts on the controversial new ghostbusters trailer the reveal of Spider-man and my growing frustration with Legends of Tomorrow. Finally we wrap up the episode with our review of DC's Kingdom Come! Leave a review on our iTunes account to…

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An extensive collection of You don't say Memes - New and Old You don't say Memes with new submissions being added all the time. Enjoy!

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