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16 Libraries You Have To See Before You Die

It takes about three seconds in the library for me to be pulling out books. "This is amazing!" @radreynolds22

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wanderthewood: “The Long Room - Trinity College Old Library, Dublin, Ireland by Theunis Viljoen ”

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I saw an old worn out book on some book shelves. It turns out that book was Harry Potter... I now have read all the books and love them dearly.

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I love old libraries, everyone of my senses are on alert - the sounds of quiet, the sights, the smells, the feel of the book, the page, the parchment, the taste in the air. If you don't know what I speak of, then you have not experienced a bit of heaven on Earth

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16 Places In Dublin That Aren't Pubs

"Good puzzle would be cross Dublin without passing a pub." What started as James Joyce's casual musing in Ulysses became a real-life challeng...

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Chained library at Chetham Library in Manchester, England. The oldest public library in the English-speaking world....Wow...KSS

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