shelves: hearth of an abandoned fireplace is perfect for books--nice in kitchen for cookbooks

KAO get a tall bookshelf where old stove used to be -- don't need to add books can do deco and or more baskets with extra blankets or something

love the carpet

Cottage decor living room interiors Pearmain - Border Oak - oak framed houses, oak framed garages and structures.

Create a relaxed yet elegant tablescape by ruffling a neutral table runner and accenting it with small gourds, as in this dining room table from Unexpected Elegance.

20 Gorgeous Fall Vignettes To Inspire Your Seasonal Decor

Warm up a nonworking fireplace with cozy accessories such as pillow-and-throw-filled woven baskets, a plush sheepskin rug and a little branch of eucalyptus in a vase, . An added benefit: Easy access to warm blankets on cold evenings.

Yes! I am the queen of covering up fireplaces.

15 Clever Ways to Decorate Your Non-Working Fireplace

Since completing this job I have had so many inquiries about the process used to transform this fireplace.  I am not a big DYI person so I spoke to the amazing

How to: Painting the stone fireplace white

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FARMHOUSE – INTERIOR – early american decor inside this vintage farmhouse seems perfect. like this primitive kitchen fireplace.

Oh the stonework on that old fireplace! This is the fireplace that the Highlander and his wife slept by in their house the night before he set out on his journey

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Until the dog knocks over the candles and catch the blankets on fire. Like the different candle sticks on fireplace mantle.

Across the Hall in 2nd: Favorite Things Linky: Feels Like Home

Favorite Things Linky: Feels Like Home

I need this for my house - rustic brick fireplace with glowing lanterns, candles, books, lace, flowers and photographs.