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You May Have Something Extremely Valuable Hiding In Your Change. Just Look.

Look in old piggybanks for coins that may be worth more than face (sorry) value!

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A list of the most valuable silver dollars - including Morgan dollars, Peace dollars, and Eisenhower dollars.

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How to Identify Silver War Nickels

How to Identify Silver War Nickels The mint mark must be above the Monticello.

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Old Coin Values

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Please, God...let me find one of these one day. The 1943 copper penny is estimated at $10,000-$100,000 depending on it's condition. Only 40 estimated to remain in existence...keep your eyes peeled!

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How Much Is My Roosevelt Clad Dime (1965-Date) Worth?

1982 No P Mint Mark Roosevelt Dime

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Coins that are worth alot more

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1955 Dbl Die Penny!Last on found sold $25,000.00 Yow!

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Most Valuable Nickels - a list of silver nickels, buffalo nickels, and old nickels worth holding onto! #coins

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Five coins you should be looking for right now! All wheat-back Lincoln cents (Before 1959) All nickels before 1960 Any dimes and quarters before 1965 (these are silver) All half dollars before 1971 (these are silver) Any coins that appear to have mistakes — such as doubled dates, doubled images, or missing parts of the design

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