Jerusalem - The Jewish Quarter in the old walled city....I have been there 6 times and it never gets old!!

Israel Travel Inspiration - Old part of Jerusalem - Jewish Quarter. Hadaya, One of a kind Jewelry 91 HaYehudim st. Jewish Quarter, Old City Jerusalem

Old City of Dubrovnik, Croatia Can't wait June 2016 : 2nd year anniversary destination

Old City of Dubrovnik, Croatia; Old cities and towns have such distinct and individual character.

The old city of Subiaco, Italy, 1925 by Kurt Hielscher

The old city of Subiaco, Italy. Date: Photo by Kurt Hielscher. Kurt Hielscher - 1948 ) was a German photographer, known for his photographic albums made during World War I and the interwar period, unpublished at the time.

Harar Ethiopia I Africa I Colors I Hard Working Woman I Market I Fruit I Vegetables I Meat I Fish I

The Exotic Old City Of Harar In Ethiopia

Walled, Old city of Harar Ethiopia I Africa I Colors I Hard Working Woman I…

Old London | by Mike Hewson #RePin by AT Social Media Marketing - Pinterest Marketing Specialists

Entrance to St Bartholomew-the-Great, Cloth Fair, (Smithfield) London - by Mike Hewson

An old Jaffa street in Tel Aviv, Israel • photo: Vlad F on Flickr UNA HISTÓRICA Y RECORDADA CALLE.

Medieval[-looking] Jaffa Street, Tel Aviv, Israel; oh, the tales this street could tell and what would we find behind the doors? ~Debbie - [someone else's caption, slightly modified]

Germany, Bamberg, old city hall

Bamberg, Germany - picturesque town near our home in Kitzingen - used to go ice-skating there