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Old Canadian Flag

Following both World Wars legislative attempts were made by Parliament to come up with a national flag. Predictably it foundered on disagreements between English Canada and French, As the years passed, the unofficial Canadian Red Ensign moved closer and closer to official status. On February 15, 1965, however, the great debate ended with the adoption of the red and white flag bearing the maple leaf.

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Happy 147th Birthday Canada | Traveling Families | Victoria BC | Little Monkey Rentals

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Here’s an outtake from an Urban Outfitters shoot in my current bedroom. In this photo you can see: my grandpa’s old American flag, wild turkey feathers from Kansas, a dreamcatcher from The Crystal...

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Wood wall art. How to make a Canadian flag using old boards, paint and a bit of creativity!

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Before the the Maple Leaf Flag wars were fought, lives lost and our way of life preserved by brave Canadian Soldiers fighting under the Red Ensign.

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Vintage Nova Scotia Canada Souvenir Pennant - Old Canadian Flag - Mid-Century 1950s

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Old Wooden canadian flag