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Old UK coins - one penny, half penny (or ha' - pronounced "hey" - penny) and three pence (or "thruppenny bit").

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Coin pendant. Old British coin necklace. Simple necklace. Long necklace. Layering jewellery

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Old British Coins Penny and Half Penny Coins King George V Queen Elizabeth Antique Coins Vintage Coins Mixed Coins Assorted Coins Supplies

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How To Recycle Old Coins Into Jewelry

Old coins into jewels! - I love this, but it it also makes me a little sad that the original coin is destroyed...

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Testoon of Henry VIII. The forerunner of the shilling, the testoon, was produced in extremely small quantities, probably around 1489, and the fact that there are only three known dies for this issue shows that the coins were not made for general circulation. They were probably trial pieces or patterns. The testoon was struck in quantity during the last part of the reign of Henry VIII, with The Tower, Southwark, and Bristol mints producing testoons in 1544–1551.

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Old British Coins - Download From Over 52 Million High Quality Stock Photos, Images, Vectors. Sign up for FREE today. Image: 22756569

OMG! I didn't know that when you put all the English coins together, you get the Royal crest.

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World Coins - Money Systems Around the World and the Coins in Circulation

World Coins - Money Systems Around the World and the Coins in Circulation: British Money - Coins of Great Britain in Circulation

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