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Information On Growing Okra And Harvesting Okra

We love okra in our house! Here's how to grow and harvest these delightful little yummers!

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What Kind Of Okra Is Red – Difference Between Red Okra and Green Okra

You thought okra was green? What kind of okra is red? As the name suggests, the plant bears 2 to 5inch long, torpedoshaped fruit but is the red okra edible? Click this article to find out all about growing red okra plants.

Below New York City’s skyscrapers, 8-foot tall okra plants tower over an impressive array of vegetables, herbs and flowers growing on a rooftop farm situated just 100-feet from the kitchen of Riverpark Restaurant. Lunch and dinner menus state that meals are made with “produce grown right here at the Riverpark Farm.” In fact, the 15,000-square-foot urban farm on East 29th Street supplies 100 percent of the restaurant’s organic herbs, lettuce, and flowers.

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Companions For Okra: What Are Plants That Thrive With Okra In The Garden

Okra plant companions are plants that thrive with okra. Companion planting with…

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Gardening 101, Growing Okra, How To Plant It, Its Medicinal Uses, And How To Cook it.

Okra in the American south is one of the most sought after vegetables. People love it deep fried, stewed, or they use it in Gumbo. Have you ever had a really good Gumbo. If not then you need to real soon. Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About...