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OKLAHOMA EARTHQUAKE TODAY 14-02-2016 MAGNITUDE 5.1 United States Fairview Earthquake, Fairview, Oklahoma, Today, United States

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3.9 magnitude earthquake recorded today in Oklahoma Earthquake Today #EarthquakeToday

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Other theories to explain Oklahoma earthquakes today, include the fact that tectonic plates are continually shifting around the Earth’s core. Description from I searched for this on

15 Pieces Of Proof That Eeyore Completely Shaped Your World Outlook

Positive thinking ? or a Debbie Downer? There are so many different perspectives on Eeyore. I personally think he's a really big jerk. But I can see how others might see a depressed donkey.

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Oklahoma earthquake…

WOW. Proof that the news WILL FIND the most ignorant redneck hick and put them on TV. Everytime. <- *palm to my face* Like guys this really happens to Okies. No joke. So don't hate on the hick!

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Today's Earthquakes in Oklahoma, United States*** There was an earthquake of about a 5 magnitude in November 2011....but I have been waking in the early mornings "knowing" that I was shaking quite often since then. Weird. Reno has also had a rash of rumblings around the Verdi area in the last couple years. Somethin's goin' down.