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Oklahoma earthquake…

WOW. Proof that the news WILL FIND the most ignorant redneck hick and put them on TV. Everytime. <- *palm to my face* Like guys this really happens to Okies. No joke. So don't hate on the hick!


Other theories to explain Oklahoma earthquakes today, include the fact that tectonic plates are continually shifting around the Earth’s core. Description from I searched for this on

Oklahoma had 2 earthquakes today (3/15/14) 28 earthquakes in the past 7 days - 119 earthquakes in the past month - 398 earthquakes in the past year - Scientists have tied the increased activity to FRACKING.

It was either February or March of 1952 when an Oklahoma City petroleum geologist named William Atkinson took the unusual step of getting an earthquake insurance policy for his house. Today, that s…

Two 4.0 earthquakes today near Cherokee. Oklahoma recorded 23 in the past 7 days, 133 of at least 2.5 m during the past 30 days,