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Oklahoma City Bombing Memorial. Such a spiritual moving place to visit !! My oldest son lives here. He is stationed at Tinker Air Force Base.

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Oklahoma City Memorial - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.....A must see. You won't be able to visit it without crying.

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Top 10 Terrorist Attacks

Never forget what happend that awful day. Now there is a beautiful memorial in the place of the Alfred P. Murrah building. It will touch your heart and open your eyes to the things our state and country can do to come together.

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Things to see and do in Oklahoma City

the Oklahoma National Memorial and Museum remembers those killed in the 1995 Murrah Federal Building bombing. The outdoor monument includes a field filled with 168 empty chairs to represent those who lost their life in the bombing. The indoor museum gives a glimpse of what that morning was like. In one room, an audio recording from a courtroom near the Murrah Building replays the chaos and confusion of those first few minutes. Do visit, but bring the tissues.

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The Survivor Tree. My favorite tree in the whole world... for everything it stands for. It touches my heart in a way I cannot put into words. The Oklahoma City Bombing Memorial.

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Oklahoma City Bombing memorial. 9 Rows of chairs (to represent 9 floors of bldg) with the name of the departed on each. A separate row for the 5 who were killed outside of the bldg. Touching memorial.

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