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way to go, Odin. A+ parenting. This is basically how it went. Oh yeah, that's right. You ARE a stolen relic. Oooh. That was exhausting. Looks like the Odin Sleep may hit a little early this year... Nighty night Loki.

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Whenever someone calls Odin the worst father ever, I think of Denethor, who literally told Faramir that he wished he had died instead of Boromir and tried to burn him alive.

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You can see in his eyes how much Odin's words hurt him. Odin knew just what to say to strike a cord, and it was cruel...

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Rune, Uppsala, s. XI, by Gamlta Torget. Germanic mythology gave great valor to the writing, which was runic. This knowledge was acquired with suffering. Odin, father of the gods, suffered nine days of fasting and pain to reach this knowledge.

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Thor Deleted Scene- Loki: Hello, Father. Laufey: Ah, the bastard son. I thought Odin had killed you. That's what I would have done. He's as weak as you are. Loki: No longer weak. I now rule Asgard, until Odin awakens. Perhaps you should not have so carelessly abandoned me. Laufey: Or perhaps it was the wisest choice I've ever made. <--- Holy CRAP WHY WAS THIS NOT IN THE MOVIE!

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Battle against Fenrir- art by Arthur Rackham #Norse Mythology #Enchanted World series, Gods and Goddesses # classic illustrations

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Actually he's right. That is what Odin just said. I don't think Odin meant it that way, but still that's not cool.

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