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Ocean Zone discovery bottles- fill the bottle with 1/4 water (with blue food coloring) and 3/4 vegetable oil. After the students shake them up, they will notice three distinct areas in their bottle as the oil and water settle. {This is perfect for teaching the zones in the ocean!}

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15 Fun and Creative Activities for an Ocean Unit

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Yay for PreK! : Ocean Week In PreK and a Giveaway! ocean activities for preK and Kindergarten

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18 Awesome Ocean Activities for Kids

Love these ocean science & math activities for kids! Great for learning about sharks, whales, ocean zones and more.

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Tide Pool Science Experiment for Kids

Tide Pool Science Experiment for Kids: Fun ocean activity for kids- turn it into a fun ocean themed sensory bin when you're done! (Next Generation Science Standard Kindergarten: NGSS K-ESS3-1) ~

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Salt Water Experiment

This super easy salt water experiment is the perfect science activity to teach kids about the density of salt and fresh water. Great for an ocean unit!

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Inspiring Kids to Protect Our Oceans Oil Spill Activity

Try this fun hands on activity with your kids to help them understand why oil spills happen in the ocean, the effects they have on marine animals and how difficult they are to clean up! Also find 10 plus links for fun, hands on ocean activities for kids. {One Time Through}

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Ocean Theme

Pre-K & Preschool theme ideas for learning about ocean animals. Find more Ocean Activities for Pre-K on the category page. Books Click here for a complete list of books about Ocean Animals! Crab Walk {Large Motor} Children crawl like a crab from one point to another. After children have had some practice, have them figure out …

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