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Interesting...Love the "I'll know i've got it when" section. Meets Marzano's high yield strategy, especially if referred to often during the lesson.

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Adventures of a 6th Grade Teacher: Tell Me Something Good... {I love the way the board is set up for the day, but would change the M-F section, as it seems like a waste of space}

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Lights, Camera, OBJECTIVES!!! ALL you need to get your objective's board going

Here is a picture of how I write my standards and objectives each day!! I got the idea from a couple other teachers and twisted it a bit to make it my own! :) I now have this available on Teachers Pay Teachers to get your own rolling!!! :) Check it out!!

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Objectives Board This is the first year I have used an daily agenda. I stole the circular pattern from my teaching teammate... She's awesome!. I combined it with the learning objectives... so its an objective agenda board! Thats a mouthful! I write the objectives in "kid friendly language" and box or underline important concepts and words. It's clear and easy and everyone knows what we are doing! ...So simple... Its a keeper!

Sometimes, it's paved with unintention, this test culture road. Why this teacher's use of the strategy is part of the problem. [BLOG]