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The Oberth Effect - Kerbal Science (KSP)

Gravity is such a constant it's easy to forget how much it shapes our experience. Randall Munroe, creator of the webcomic XKCD took this as a challenge. With a straightforward illustration, he compares the relative “depth” of various solar system gravity wells. Each well is drawn in such a way that it represents the relative amount of energy it would take to escape from that planet or celestial body's gravitational pull.

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Delta-v budget - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - Delta-v needed for various orbital manoeuvers using conventional rockets.[7] See:[10][11] Red arrows show where optional aerobraking can be performed in that particular direction, black numbers give delta-v in km/s that apply in either direction. Lower-delta-v transfers than shown can often be achieved, but involve rare transfer windows or take significantly longer, see: fuzzy orbital transfers. Electric propulsion vehicles going from Mars…