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michelle obama #readIt

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~Don't steal shit like the Clinton's just GTFO~

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In Government, there are no "accidents". Only Plans that are executed or not executed. All the Money, Medicine, Food, Guns and Ammo that were an "accident"...were really planned support for ISIS, ISIL, HAMAS or whatever the terror group is calling itself today. They serve the same purpose: Kill anyone who does not follow their god. <little 'g' intentional.>

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But wait!! It was the Russians who were influencing the election

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LOL, but so true, thank goodness for Donald Trump....time to fumigate!

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Sad But True. He has simply GOT to be the most F****D Up, corrupt, lying president-elect in history !!

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It's sad that in America we have to rely on Hackers to give us the truth while our News Media are working hard to hide it from us

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Obastard....lover of michael, serviced occasionally by Kerry would have lost in a landslide!

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