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I wanted to point out some of the words that stuck out to me while listening to Ambassador Diamonds talk about their story! One lost he job to do the Obama healthcare plan and her family needed extra income. One said she is an introvert and never thought she would be a sales person. One only had 250 friends on Facebook with no Instagram made at all! This some person went Ruby in 4 months. One said after three years of being in the business her warm market is cold but she is not stopping…

Manchin: I’d vote to repeal ObamaCare | TheHill Now he's against it, when before he was for it. #ShadesofJohnKerry

New ad: Day One - Romney has came out with a new 2012 Election ad. Where he says he wants to replace Obama's healthcare plan, bring back the Keystone pipeline, and do more tax breaks and reforms.


See At What Age The Obamacare Architect Is Hoping You Die At So Obama’s Healthcare Plan Will Work


I love the use of type in this Obamacare infographic. Reminds me of rock venue flier designs. The yellow really stands out against the B&W w/out being annoying.

from Business Insider

Obamacare is failing at one its primary goals

Obama's healthcare plan isn't coming through for those who need it most.

Supreme Court Upholds Obama’s Healthcare Plan, Key Factor Struck Down


Term Limits- and Obama's healthcare plan for You missy.

from The Onion

Backup Health Care Plan Involves Nation Sharing One Big Jar Of Ointment

Article from The Onion: "Backup Health Care Plan Involves Nation Sharing One Big Jar Of Ointment"