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The BEST way to read to kids: I don't have a president, but I sure as heck know which one I would choose... #kinderchat

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Funny Tumblr Posts 4-29 I couldn't stop thinking about broak from pokemon lol sorry I know I spelled it wrong

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19 Totally Real Conversations Obama And Biden Have Had Since The Election

I LOVE THEM AND THEIR BROMANCE! 19 Totally Real Conversations Obama and Biden Have Had Since The Election

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It’s Like Their Faces Are Pulled By Opposing Gravities

The latest Tweets from Wagner Clemente Soto (@wcsoto). Anarcho-feudalist. Avant-garde reactionary. Nativist outsider. Far right is to my left. «Responsibility, Hierarchy, Patriarchy» el catolicismo es mi patria

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Memes of Joe Biden and Obama’s Imagined Trump Prank Conversations | Observer

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I can't stand Joe Biden, but this GIF is on point! @Sam McHardy McHardy Taylor Newby @Kellie Dyne Dyne Dyne McClure @Mary Powers Powers Powers Suggs

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