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Oak Ridge | "The Secret City" It was a city where scientists built nuclear weapons and lived, residents were not allowed to talk about the city and outsiders were not allowed in.

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The Oak Ridge Boys perform their signature classic "Elvira" live on the Grand Ole Opry

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My "birth city" of Oak Ridge, Tennessee. I can drive it like the back of my hand even though I haven't lived there since I was four. Oak Ridge has the highest Ph.D per capita in the country. The federal government created the "secret city" in the 1940s. My grandfather became one of the blue collar workers who worked on refining the plutonium for the atom bomb. There is a wonderful atomic energy museum and it is set in a truly beautiful place.

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Oak Ridge, Tennessee, on April 21, 1959. When it was first founded in 1942 to supply housing for workers at the Atomic Energy Commission plant, Oak Ridge was a military reservation. Since the end of World War II, however, the AEC has removed the fence that once surrounded Oak Ridge and gradually given more voice in matters of community policy to the town council, an elected body with advisory powers only. On May 5, Oak Ridge's transformation from military control to self-government was…

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In Oak Ridge, TN, American Museum of Science and Energy is a center for exploration dedicated to the WWII Manhattan Project history and the science that emerged from Oak Ridge, Tennessee. Live demonstrations, interactive exhibits and presentations. Open daily. Self-guided tour. Allow two hours. Family fun

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