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Blue glow of Cherenkov radiation at ORNL's High Flux Isotope Reactor where berkelium is made to create element 117 © Oak Ridge National Labo...

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How to stay safe in the atomic age: Charming posters from 1947 which show the health risks from radiation

Radiation Safety Poster From 1947. Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Tennessee.


Senator Kennedy and his wife Jackie visiting Oak Ridge National Laboratory, 1959.

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7 Oak Ridge National Laboratory Symposium reprints

Title 7 Oak Ridge National Laboratory Symposium reprints Author Various including: Joshua Lederberg, J. D. Watson, H.J. Muller, E.L. Tatum, Sewall Wright, S.E.

Scientists Accidentally Discover Efficient Process to Turn CO2 Into Ethanol, Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee have discovered a chemical reaction to turn CO2 into ethanol 10/17/16


Samsung calls dibs on Department of Energy's screen coatings - CNET The Department of Energys Oak Ridge National Laboratorys superhydrophobic film tech in action. Oak Ridge National Laboratory Samsung devices will have some government-strength coating to save your devices from the depths of puddles and toilets. Samsung Electronics has licensed a clear superhydrophobic film from the Department of…

Oak Ridge National Laboratory hosts thousands of visitors every year. The information below may help make your visit more productive and enjoyable. If you have any questions about visits to the laboratory, please contact ORNL Visitor Services at or 865.574.7199.

White Oak Upper Falls in Shenandoah National Park, Virginia. I want to get married somewhere in this park. :)


Dr. Lynn A. Boatner and Hu F. Longmire Oak Ridge National Laboratory Oak Ridge, Tennessee, USA Surface of titanium carbide crystal (64x)


Oak Ridge National Laboratory - Titan Supercomputer