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The 10 most influential female nurses of all time

Ellen Dougherty, of New Zealand, was the first Registered Nurse in the world. New Zealand was the first country to initiate the Nurse Registration Act that allowed for legal registration of nurses prior to completion of training.


Elizabeth Grace Neill, Started the System of Nursing Registration – (1846 to 1926) – received her nursing education at the St. John’s House Sisterhood in London. She spent her early nursing career as lady superintendent at the Pendlebury Hospital for Children in Manchester, where Ms. Campbell met her husband Channing Neil. She left England for Australia in 1886, and then, treaded a life of a journalist and various government commissions for almost 10 years in New Zeland


For Mom: - Pre-Registration Papers - Photo ID - Insurance Card - Camera and/or Video Camera - 2-3 Nightgowns - Robe - Slippers and/or Socks - Comfortable going home outfit - Nursing or Sports Bra - A few extra pairs of comfortable underwear - Toiletries / Make-Up - Maxi-Pads. The hospital will provide pads but you may want to bring your own, super duper pads. - Breast pads and Breast cream - Electronics and/or a book to keep you entertained and relaxed. - Cell phone to share…


Nursing Students getting a chance to learn about Canadian Nursing Registration Process through Academic Study Skills Module (ASSM) at INSCOL. #INSCOL is aiming to guide the students about NNAS/NCLEX, CPNRE mock sessions, student activities, presentation and communication skills, life in #Canada, Personality Development sessions and Basic Life support training through this foundation program.

WHY OLD AGE HOME IN DARJEELING ? In the history of Darjeeling 75 % of the land is covered by the tea garden and 20% percentage is covered by the agriculture including forestry and the rest is urban. It was 1883 the British planted the tea bushes in Darjeeling hills since then the laborers are being engaged with their perspiration and blood. They spent and struggled their life for the tea bushes generation to generation but the time turned their fate into the drought of life and began to…

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225 Nursing Bullets: Psychiatric Nursing Reviewer

225 Nursing Bullets: Psychiatric Nursing Reviewer: perfect for my new job :)


I wish I had this in A/P in order to prepare me for better for nursing school! A great companion to any pre-regqu nursing course! Packed with advice, hints and tips, this essential, practical guide will orientate & guide you through your nursing course even before you start. Written in a straightforward, no-nonsense style, this Toolkit is full of strategies & tips for surviving and succeeding on your pre-registration nursing course, & addresses all the key issues and concerns you may face.