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These FREE nursing courses are a great resource for students considering nursing or nurses who want to learn more. Free Online Nursing Courses and Classes You Can Take Right Now

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Nursing Med-Surg Class: Common post-op complications to monitor for (& know for testing purposes!) I love how the data is arranged! From Sketchy Medicine #Pharm #NursingPharmacology #MedSurg

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Diabetic Ketoacidosis (DKA) Critical Care Nursing Class Notes for Students & Nurses at

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Medical-Surgical Nursing NCLEX Study Notes: Covers the major topics that nursing students master in Med-Surg Class. Articles address pathophysiology, etiology, epidemiology, clinical manifestations, diagnostics, treatment (surgery, pharmacology, lifestyle alterations), & care planning (assessment, patient teaching, nursing diagnoses, planning, interventions, outcomes, & evaluations) @iStudentNurse #NurseHacks #MedSurg #NCLEX #Nursing

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10 Phrases Every Nurse Should Know in Spanish

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Pharm Nursing Class Survival Guide for Students: Study tips, time management, learning methods, supplies, & "Big Ideas" @iStudentNurse #NurseHacks #NursingPharm

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Antidepressant classifications and example drugs for Pharm Nursing Class: MAOIs, SSRIs, TCAs, and Atypical medications. Indicated in the treatment of various conditions such as depression, anxiety, OCD, PTSD, and social anxiety disorder. @iStudentNurse #NurseHacks #Pharm #Nursing #Psych #DownNDirtyNursing

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Pharm (Pharmacology) Nursing Class Topics NCLEX Study Notes: Drug classifications, generic/trade names, indications, adverse effects, contraindications, nursing considerations, dosing, & potential nursing diagnoses. Articles for nursing students @iStudentNurse #NurseHacks #Nursing #Pharm

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