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Numbers To Roman Numerals

Make learning about Roman numerals fun with this hidden message from Julius Caesar. Your kids will love cracking this code. In cracking this code they will learn how to read Roman numerals.

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Roman Numerals Metal Numbers 1 to 12

Roman Numerals Metal Numbers 1 to 12 by GardenBarn on Etsy; I am going to make my own oversized wall clock using these roman numerals.

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Roman numerals math (my kids know how to read Roman numerals from their McGuffey’s lessons; use Popsicle sticks on the table) Big hit with 8 and 10 year old; we went up to 11. I handed 8yo the total number of sticks she would need to form into shape. However, she can read Roman numerals easily; today she read “49” in her McGuffey’s. Each number is a little equation: 1,2,3, are easy, teach that V is five, so 4 is “1 before 5 or I before V”, 6 is one after 5 or I after V = VI, etc

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Roman Numeral Lessons (Numbers in Latin, Ancient Roman Culture & Free Printables

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Roman Numerals: My secret weapon for teaching Roman numerals...toothpicks! I give each student about 10 toothpicks. (I have them already in baggies, and have been using the same set for years.) Then, they practice making the numbers that I call out. I model the numbers on the overhead projector using kabob type sticks. I let them come up and make the numbers on the overhead with my "big toothpicks" as well. Fun way to teach Roman numerals!

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A beautiful addition to any shabby chic home. This wall clock is made from wood and finished with a vintage patchwork effect to the numbers. It displays clear Roman numerals along with numbered minute markers. With long metal hands that clearly display the time. This would make the ideal gift for someone who loves vintage 50;s style and would complement the home that enjoys pastel colours. Simply hang from a nail or a screw in the wall and power with one AA battery (not supplied)

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How to: Travel around China without speaking the language

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Wk 1: Video comparing roman numerals to our arabic numbers: Roman Numerals had no Zero, or Place Value - Animated Math

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Have fun learning about Roman Numerals with this cute airplane themed Roman Numerals Memory Game

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