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Quantum Noise Breaks Random Number Generator Record

The quantum noise in a laser beam has been used to generate random numbers at the rate of 300 Mbits per second, breaking a record that stood for just a few days

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Random Number Generator Circuit using 8051 Microcontroller

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Free Online Random Number Generators and "Winning" Lottery Strategies

Playing the lottery is a weekly activity for millions of people, but tens of millions more buy tickets occasionally just for fun. Mathematically, there is no strategy to picking winning tickets, as every numerical combination has an equally...


True Random Number Generator TRNG (4-Bit)

The goal of this little project was to build a random number generator that didn’t rely on calculations to supply a random number, as computers do, and try to get the number as random or as close to random as possible. TRNG Info:


I used this website to pick my lottery numbers. They have an advanced number generator and the lucky numbers generator.


NIST Removes #NSA's Dual_EC_DRBG Random Number Generator from #encryption Recommendations