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A searing new report claims opioid drugmakers spent 8 times as much as the NRA on lobbying

A new Associated Press report says the pharma companies behind powerful opioid painkillers spent more than eight times what the gun lobby spent from


OPINION: How restaurant lobby blocks living wage for fast food workers

How restaurant lobby blocks living wage for fast food workers -- The other NRA, with its campaign to keep wages down, defies both democracy and common decency

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Trayvon Martin case: George Zimmerman in bandages, say neighbors

Regardless of bogus NRA lobbied legislation....George Zimmerman should be in jail....and have to stay there.

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16 Things The Restaurant Industry Doesn't Want You To Know

16 Things Restaurant Industry Doesn’t Want You To Know: Reg hourly min wage is a $7.25 an hour. If you earn tips, your only hourly guarantee is $2.13. Tipped min wage was to increase in 1996, but Herman Cain, then head of the corporate restaurant lobby - the National Restaurant Association (NRA) - swooped in to block it. At the behest of the NRA, he made a deal with Congress, allowing the reg min wage to increase so long as the tipped min wage stayed put at $2.13 an hour - forever

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Frank Spindler is back with a classy canalside restaurant on Berlin's hottest foodie strip...

Frank Spindler is back with a classy canalside restaurant Spindler Berlin on Berlin's hottest foodie strip...


Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom of California, talks with Rachel Maddow about a new proposal being presented to his state's voters to require a background check for ammunition purchases, a move it is hoped will avoid the NRA lobbying pressure that has...

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After Freddie Gray, some say Baltimore's police won't change without direct federal oversight

Police won't change w/out federal oversight - but REMEMBER, policing is a hard job in the US's NRA-lobby protected, gun- infested communities. Police put their lives on the line daily - never knowing who's carrying. That kind of constant pressure facing death causes fear & mistakes. Either you change America's gun- obsessed environment or the job of policing is as it is.

from the Guardian

White House has 'agenda to attack the second amendment', says NRA

Pro-gun rights activists make their point in Colorado. - NRA vows to fight Biden's gun control taskforce in Congress. - the stage for a bitter congressional battle over stricter gun controls, accusing vice president Joe Biden of having "an agend. "We will not allow law-abiding gun owners to be blamed for the acts of criminals and madmen," an NRA statement said