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The UN issued a command designed to radically transform our world by 2030. This plan, endorsed by eugenicists such as George Soros and Bill Gates, will accelerate Agenda 21 tremendously. The masses will be manipulated by corrupt media under the guise of ecological preservation and economic reform. However the true agenda of Agenda 21 is to establish a global totalitarian government which controls all vital resources while simultaneously depopulating nearly 75% of the Earth through mass…

Although our individual votes for the presidential election have been proven to be absolutely meaningless, I'm glad some people still understand the importance of state soveringty. A prime example of this would be the legalization of recreational cannabis in four more states being Nevada, California, Massachusetts and Maine which join Colorado, Washington, Oregon and Washington D.C. in the ongoing struggle to end the oppressive era of cannabis prohibition which has ultimately failed…

The Denver International Airport has been subject to rampant speculation due to some questionable artistic additions that have left people deciphering their meaning and debating if they're airline appropriate to begin with. This includes Masonic dedication stones, several perched gargoyles, an enormous sculpture of the Dark Horse Of The Apocalypse and a large painted mural depicting a totalitarian regime waging apocalyptic warfare.


Perhaps the creepiest exhibit at the Denver International Airport is a 32 foot high blue horse statue with glowing red eyes and bulging veins that weighs 9,000 pounds. Nicknamed "Blucifer" by local residents, the statue is meant to portray the Dark Horse Of The Apocalypse specifically representing death which is quite an odd choice for an airline. Even stranger is the fact that Luis Jiménez, the sculpting artist, was fatally wounded by the statue during the final stages of it's construction.

IMSI-Catchers are portable cellular interception devices used by our government intelligence agencies and law enforcement that can easily spy on the public by acquiring all personal information and activity from any targeted phone or other communication device. Once inside agents can access everything in your contact list, every SMS message, every place it's ever been and where the phone is physically located with live updates tracking your every movement even if GPS is disabled.

"Illuminati" is a collectible card game that came out in 1994. Although it's been out of production for more than a decade, the game has become notorious as many of the events and circumstances depicted on the cards have actually come to fruition such as the 9/11 false flag attacks on the WTC/Pentagon, the Boston bombing, the global Eugenics Program and much more. There's zero doubt that whoever created this game had extensively detailed inside information about the elite's forthcoming…

Hacking multiple computers across the world just became a whole lot easier for the US intelligence agencies and law enforcement, effective today. The changes introduced to "Rule 41" of the Federal Rules Of Criminal Procedure grants the FBI/CIA/NSA substantial power to hack into any computer, phone or any other personal storage device within the country with just a single warrant authorized by any judge. This has been secretly happening for decades, they've simply now made it legal to do so.

Edward Snowden's bold revelation of illegal NSA activities is among the most invaluable leaks in history, revealing how they conduct mass-surveillance of the entire population without warrant and intercept data from global networks to spy on and store profiles of hundreds of millions of US citizens. Even more mind-blowing is the vast number of people suffering from Stockholm Syndrome that actually support the government charging him with treason simply for exposing their corruption.

Hillary Clinton has consistently used a body double named Teresa Barnwell for certain public appearances for decades now due to various debilitating medical conditions. Thanks to this year's wonderful series of email dumps led by Julian Assange of WikiLeaks, it was confirmed that Clinton has a barrage of serious health issues that put her at great risk such as Parkinson's Disease and Epilepsy. Numerous pictures of "Clinton" are continually exposed on a daily basis via expert photo analysis.

Marie-Hélène De Rothschild and Baron Guy De Rothschild, members of one of the most wealthy and powerful bloodlines on Earth, threw their now infamous "Illuminati Ball" at the Rothschild estate Château De Ferrières in 1972. This phantasmagorical soirée included a guest list that included world leaders, industrial moguls and bonafide celebrities such as Aubrey Hepburn and Salvador Dalí. This rare photo taken from the event shows Dalí posing in front of his famous depiction of Mae West.