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#INTJ ..... when someone I don't fuck with talks to me about anything! The whole conversation is defaulted to ZERO interest. Proceed with preprogrammed laughs & replies while simultaneously retreating to inside your head.

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If we're going to tall, then let's talk... I am not interested in pleasantries. If you want a conversation, then let's get lost.


Idiocracy: When the truly retarded are allowed to dictate to everyone else what should be and what should not be. America is quickly descending into an Idiocracy. Thanks, Obamas. BOTH of them.

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I didn't give up... You did! If you want a passive guy go get him. I'm not that man!! Period. I'm loyal to the person that will be loyal to me! I'm flawed yes, but I'm not a doormat not will I ever be. Someone will appreciate that about me, just a shame it's happened this way! Ill get my career back on track and my app launched. I'm not interested in anyone right now but when I'm ready I'll be gone.