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Juliette Has A Gun Not A Perfume Eau de Parfum-1.7 oz


Juliette Has a Gun Not a Perfume - 50 ml

Juliette Has a Gun Not a Perfume - 50 ml $85.00 from BirchBox - tried this sample and LOVE it. It's a minimalist, single note of Cetalox (grey amber) which is the base note in a lot of fragrances and is wonderful on it's own, clean and not too flowery or overwhelming. Also Allergen-Free for those who are sensitive to scent.


Juliet Has a Gun: Not a Perfume. On it's way to PRIZE now! or (512) 814-0339 #Juliethasagun


Ariana Grande Cosmetic Bag & Parfum Sweet Like Candy 0.25 oz. Parfum, and a must-have, pink limited-edition cosmetic bag in a playful, candy wrapped gift set box. Ariana Grande gift set, DOES Not include 1.7 oz Perfume shown in 1st picture. Includes gift set box, cosmetic bag and 0.25 oz Parfum. All brand new never used. Ariana Grande Other


Amazing grace

The first fragrance I ever bought from QVC and the first one I tried from was love at first spritz!!! I have almost every scented product they make in this fragrance. I do not buy this in the super size bottles anymore, it takes forever to use up a 4 oz bottle of perfume, especially when you alternate between several fragrances. I find that several of Philosophy's floral spray fragrances change over time, I keep them away from direct sunlight and heat, but they still change…


LAVANILLA Pure Vanilla - I have a LOT of perfume, but this is my husband's favorite on me. He says it smells like cookies :-)


10 Most Expensive Perfumes for Women in The World

Victor & Roff FlowerBomb/ “most seductive, sexy scent ever.”( my husband loves it and puts his face in my neck every time I put it on)