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Cat Viking Norwegian Forest Cat, cat sweatshirt, cat, Norwegian flag red white blue


FURRY BOOTS Norwegian Forest Cats: Fjord's ODIN, Norwegian Forest Cat foundation stud in South Africa (here) and son: Grand Champion Furry Boots LOKI


Norwegian Forest Cat breeder of Norwegian Forest Kittens | at Norgeskaukatt North Yorkshire UK

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Why Are Cats Afraid Of Green Cucumber?

Norwegian Forest Cat | Norwegian Forest Cat Breed - Cat Pictures & Information LOVE this breed, got to have one some day

The Norwegian Forest Cat may resemble other semi-longhaired breeds such as the Maine Coon or even some random bred longhaired cats. In fact, there is considerable difference. Without a doubt, the expression of the Norwegian Forest Cat is striking and distinctive among pedigreed cats. Large, almond-shaped eyes with their oblique set and the equilateral triangle-shaped head contribute to the unique appearance of this breed. Heavily furnished ears that fit into the triangle finish the look.