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Lady Elizabeth, Oxfordshire North Leigh by jmc4 - Church Explorer, via Flickr Cloak clasps and another livery collar. and that padded roll

2 "Hare in North Leigh Woods" (2011) [Sold] By Peter Barker, from Banbury, Oxfordrshire, England (current location, South Luffenham, England) - oil on linen canvas; 20 x 30 in -


Vivien Leigh as Scarlett O'Hara Kennedy after she was attacked in the woods near Shantytown in 'Gone With The Wind'. She has been told to go over to Melanie's while her husband attended "a political meeting" with Dr. Meade and Ashley Wilkes.


AW: Oh, I won't let on. I'll be the most surprised man in Atlanta ... But as long as you're here, let me show you the books so you can see just how bad a businessman I really am. SOH: Oh, don't let's fool with any books today! When I'm wearing a new bonnet all the figures I ever knew go right slap out of my head. AW:The figures are well lost when the bonnet's as pretty as that one.