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Minister Norman Baker wants end to UK animal tests

coalition confused over drug policy. 'Stubborn' Tories Immediately Dismiss Norman Baker's Calls For Legalisation Of Medicinal Cannabis.

Ghost of Theodora: At America’s Most Haunted Hotel, the 1886 Crescent Hotel, legend has been formed from the many guests who checked out but have never left. These famous spirits include Michael, the Irish stonemason who fell to his death while building the hotel in 1885, Theodora, the cancer patient of the Dr. Baker hospital days who seems to need help finding her room key, Norman Baker in his white suit, Morris the cat, a mystery patient in a white nightgown who appears in the luxury…

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Scientists fear for animal testing as Norman Baker joins Home Office

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Minister for cycling: UK will never be like the Netherlands

Minister for cycling: UK will never be like the Netherlands Norman Baker welcomes the all-party cycling inquiry but says advocates need to be 'realistic'

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Norman Baker: I resign - and it's Theresa May's fault

Norman Baker Resigns

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Alcohol is far more deadly than cannabis, former minister Norman Baker

Alcohol is a much greater threat to people’s health than cannabis, former Home Office minister Norman Baker has warned, saying its dangers are being underplayed.

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13 reasons Norman is the greatest GBBO baker we have ever seen

13 reasons Norman was the greatest GBBO baker we have ever seen

Here is an example of the kind of cancer cure quackery that the ASCC dealt with in the early years. Norman Baker treated cancer sufferers in his own hospital at a cost of $1000 (in the 19-teens), treating “external” cancers with a cure of arsenic powders (which had been stolen from another quack, Harry M. Hossey) and internal cancers with glycerine.. He abetted his “cancer is conquered” claims with his magazine TNT (The Naked Truth) and his radio station, KTNT.

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Drugs minister calls for legalising cannabis for medicinal use