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Norbert Wiener's paper "Some Moral and Technical Consequences of Automation" - Less Wrong

THE HUMAN USE OF HUMAN BEINGS / The Human Use of Human Beings is a book by Norbert Wiener. It was first published in 1950 and revised in 1954. Wiener was the founding thinker of cybernetics theory and an influential advocate of automation.

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Emmy Noether (23 March 1882 – 14 April 1935), was an influential German mathematician known for her groundbreaking contributions to abstract algebra and theoretical physics. Described by Pavel Alexandrov, Albert Einstein, Jean Dieudonné, Hermann Weyl, Norbert Wiener and others as the most important woman in the history of mathematics, she revolutionized the theories of rings, fields, and algebras.

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Cybernetics, Second Edition: or the Control and Communication in the Animal and the Machine by Norbert Wiener

Real Genius. After graduating from Ayer High School in 1906 at 11 years of age, Norbert Wiener entered Tufts College. He was awarded a BA in mathematics in 1909 at the age of 14, whereupon he began graduate studies of zoology at Harvard. In 1910 he transferred to Cornell to study philosophy.

Norbert Wiener, the MIT mathematician best known as the father of cybernetics, whose work had important implications for control theory and signal processing, among other disciplines.

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