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Windows Store Gets A Nook App From Barnes & Noble For Windows 8 & Windows RT - Barnes & Noble has released a Nook app for Windows 8 and Windows RT users. The app is probably an outcome of a recent joint venture between B & N and Microsoft. [Click on Image Or Source on Top to See Full News]


Apsis: a free Nook app: physics game where you control an orbiting rocket ship in deep space. The object of the game is to collect all the stars in each level as fast as possible and without running out of fuel. Watch out for planets, because each one has gravity that pulls your ship towards it and can eventually collide with it. Orbit these planets and perform 'burns' just like NASA does to conserve fuel and slingshot your way to victory.

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Barnes & Noble to drop its Nook app for Windows in revised Microsoft deal

Barnes ampamp Noble to drop its Nook app for Windows in revised Microsoft deal - We hope you weren't too attached to the Nook app for Windows, because it's going away -- well, sort of. Barnes Noble's Nook Media subsidiary and Microsoft have amended

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Five Books Guaranteed to Make You Sound Brilliant

Reading is a solitary pursuit. There's no better shield from the outside world than a book, and no more trusted witness to our terrible snack habits and

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Yes, You Can Install the Nook App on a Kindle Fire [EXCLUSIVE]


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Kindle Fire Apps and Nook Apps Bring Your New Tablet to Life

Cellular Repair Solutions Email: Tel: The 50 Best Android Apps Smartphone owners running Google's OS need more than just a top ten list to stock their devices with the best programs for entertainment, productivity, reference, and more.