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How to Make Black Henna Paste

Henna is an ancient, non-permanent tattoo method using the powder of the Henna plant that is found in Africa, South Africa and Australia. The powder is formed into a paste and then applied by various methods to create a tattoo that lasts up to a month. Henna is completely safe and natural. Natural black henna does not exist. The making of black...

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Not sure if you'd like a tattoo... do this so that you can see if you like the placement and the style of the tattoo you're thinking of getting DIY Custom Temporary Tattoo : Looks REAL (Lasts 1 Week)

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Paisley-inspired back tattoo by artist Barbara Swingaling from the body art shop Classic Ink and Mods in Amsterdam, Netherlands

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...latin "non est ad astra mollis e terris via", english "there is no easy path from earth to the stars"

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A bloodline is a technique that is commonly used when tattooing portraits. It is a non-permanent line made with water. A symbol is a shape that communicates a thought. It is intended that as your body heals the mark, the symbol’s energy is absorbed.

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NON OMNIS MORIAR - "Not all of me will die." I hope I am able to do something great before my end. That way this tattoo idea may become reality.

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