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Do you have a favorite [character] that you’ve played? Oh, man. I’ve played a lot of really interesting characters. Um, I think that Mickey probably is my favorite character that I’ve played, probably, just ‘cause he’s the most complex, his character arc is so insane and beautiful. I think that’s probably my favorite one. – Noel Fisher

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Community Post: Why Noel Fisher Should Be Your Newest Celebrity Crush

<b>Canadian actor Noel Fisher is a pocketful of talent and sunshine.</b> It’s science.

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Noel Fisher on Shameless ♥ ||| after : - - - "sorry, what did you just called me ?"

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Noel Fisher as Mickey on Shameless. My favorite character always! Whether he's beating someone up, being sweet with Ian or plotting his next scam or act of revenge. The BEST!

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