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Mar 22 5 Minutes: No sleep

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Today I'm wearing a lovely shade of I slept like crap so don't piss me off

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haha yessssssssss no sleep whooo why am I falling over ahhhhh darkness zzzzzzzzzzz lol

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Too much to do and not enough hours in the day. Building an empire requires little sleep....

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You have no idea how long the dark lasts when you cannot close your eyes to it...- Tyler Knott Gregson

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I'm always relieved when I get to sleep. It means I get to stop pretending to smile, pretending to be happy, and pretending to be fine.

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Me: Let me sleep... Brain: Lol no, let's stay awake and remember every stupid decision you made in your life... Me: okay... :/

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Oh yes im always a giving person i try to be anyways sometimes i feel taken for granted by alot of ppl.

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A sad soul is always up past midnight. Awesome quote tattoo idea. But for my son or I? LOL...

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No puedo dormir sabiendo que de una u otra manera tu relación de 2 se vuelve de tres ... Lo siento Me importas demasiado ... if you decide to give up on us no matter what and im not your final goal after this struggle mínimo espero una llamada si esa sera tu decisión ...ya que al final it takes 2 to tango ... jtb

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ET :) always there when you need motivation. #ericthomas #ericthomasquotes #kurttasche

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This is so me. I try to be so strong for everyone around me. Sometimes I feel like I'm falling apart <3

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