10+ Parenting Memes That Will Make You Laugh So Hard It Will Wake Up Your Kids
haha yessssssssss no sleep whooo why am I falling over ahhhhh darkness zzzzzzzzzzz lol
Pool sleepover!
me. in the morning. before mascara.                                                                                                                                                      More
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3rd Trimester Meme Thread - Memes for the pregnant soul. - Page 12 - BabyCenter
"I could totally go for a light coma right now."
32 Memes for People Who Just Want to Sleep Why won’t it accept our relationship?! I mean, this is some good sleep. Is it worth it…really? Gotta be careful to not miss a time! No. I’m just laying motionless and quiet because I want to. Best feeling ever! And I’m out! It says that I …
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Ah, the life of no sleep...almost makes you wish something serious enough would happen to you so you could just stay in bed for a week, but not serious enough to seriously effect you in some bad way :P *Sigh* this is my life.