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No sleep meme

Why do people always want to be doing things anyway? No. I do not want to go anywhere. I do not want to do anything. I want the world to just be quiet for awhile.

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Funny Animal Pictures Of The Day – 25 Pics

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Or a chapter of Percy. Rick. You are dead if you do this to us again. *ten minutes later* Rick, do you like seeing children cry? NO? THEN STOP.

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I love you sleep...

I love you sleep...

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Brain at 3 AM: lemme offer you a selection of the catchiest song lyrics from the past 30 years Me: no we need to sleep Brain: ..... YOU SPIN ME RIGHT ROUND

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Lol thank god I switched my major I think I would have committed suicide! Lol already got my foot in the door in my new field no Stopping me!! Full force !!

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Ah, the life of no sleep...almost makes you wish something serious enough would happen to you so you could just stay in bed for a week, but not serious enough to seriously effect you in some bad way :P *Sigh* this is my life.

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My mom does this same thing! She once started talking to me about a mini Jessica Simpson that she liked to put in her pocket. I just kept talking to her, it was hilarious!

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Oh man. I'm too obsessed with these memes

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This was not even that long ago lol. I smiled like the giggly bitch I am when he said that lmao. Yeah anyway this video was really cool. Yep.. no but really its almost midnight. I've been getting good sleep up until now. Oh whatever.

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