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This, so I hate me. I can't even express in words how much I hate me and how bad I want to die...There is NO reason for me to be breathing

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They said " I felt that exact same way when I was your age.." Was it true? I doubt it, but I'll pretend to trust and believe them anyway.

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"you should talk more!" me: *tries to talk* - gets ignored - gets interrupted - gets talked over - no one pays attention - no one cares

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behind-those-broken-blue-eyes: I have no one. I have no one who cares, I have no one to talk to. I have no one that’ll try to understand, I have no one to listen. Everyone has left. No one’s there for me. Absolutely no one. I’m so alone. I just need someone to hold me. I just need someone that I can run to on bad days and know they’ll be there with open arms.

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But GOD almighty doesn't see your mistakes he wants you to come as you are. He wants to give you joy, love, peace, kindness.....The fruit of the spirit!! :)

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Yup. I've learned this to be true. We live in a world of criticism. There is no love or compassion anymore. Everyone has become consumed by social media and themselves.

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I was. I cried and cried. And I'm not someone who cries. But you don't care, do you?

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Oh, so know this feeling... and the thing is that this is not true... because I care. And I worry about my feelings, even when - especially when - it feels like no-one else does.

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