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YES! So true...., excluding yourself, u should always strive, but I literally do not expect anything, ever, from anyone anymore....and once you truly accept's a feeling of comfort, and when things happen that are good....Enjoy them,cuz you no longer have time to dwell on negative things, as whatever that may be that would've previously let u down, u never "really" truly belived or expected to really happen so u just stop giving a fuck! .so bye bye dwell. :)

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Agree. Whenever I feel disappointed, I know it's because of an unmet expectation. Often the other person has no idea they "disappointed" you.

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I still have imagination but I do fear not being loved even though I believe it more now that I will . But sometimes I still feel like that

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I really need to stop hoping and praying that one day he will change for our boys. He never will. What kind of man only sees their son 38 times out of a year. Yea keep telling people it's me. Ur a dead beat abusive asshole who is only worried ab9ut himself

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