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10 cosas que sólo los introvertidos entienden

You honestly should have waited before telling me to leave you alone. You barely gave it a shot and the instant you thought things were gonna go bad you just up and fucking walk away. What you don't understand is I'm so fucking ready to actually be with you its crazy. But its like every time I am simply happy with you or about you that smile quickly fades and I'm left alone and in pain.

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No Exit. Taipei National University of the Arts. Scenic design by Chun-An Hsieh. 2010

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Jean-Paul Sartre – No Exit (Huis Clos) | Genius

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I can't believe this guy! !!!! I really liked him. No Exit: Lola and her new husband, Lord Julien (Giacomo Gianniotti)

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Louise Bourgeois, Tapestry of My Childhood: Mountains in Aubusson, 1947, brush & ink with gouache.

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Alan Rickman--so much more than Snape. There will be no foolish merging or exiting the highway within the next three miles.

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She never cried, never uttered a word. Only her eyes spoke. Big, tragic eyes. ~Jean-Paul Sartre, from 'No Exit' #existentialism

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Forgotten. That's what this place was, is, and forever will be. That was its name. That was its destiny, its fate. Forever Forgotten...

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