1991 Nissan Figaro

1991 Nissan Figaro not a real Beach Car but close enough for me. This is the car I'm going to buy. Just some doubts about the color. My kids (girls) love the 'emerald green', I prefer 'pale aqua'.

Le Meow Le Mew: Car Lust//Nissan Figaro

Le Meow Le Mew: Car Lust//Nissan Figaro ice cream pink or pistachio, never liked green cars but could be tempted :)

Nissan Figaro, custom paint job in Candy Apple Red. I'm gonna own one of these babies if it kills me.

Actually doesn't look too bad in this colour, rather than the wishy washy standard blue and green combinations. Still looks like a variation on the Noddy car though

My dream car! Nissan Figaro: Wish upon a car... Glorious retro styling in ice cream shades.

Photo of Nissan Figaros cars in Emerald Green, Topaz Mist, Lapis Grey and Aqua Blue