Pokémon Sun and Moon: Soulgaleo and Lunaala by Rinnai-Rai #nintendo #pokemon #fanart

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Nintendo Pokemon Game Figure Plush toy Soft Stuffed Animal Cute Teddy Doll | eBay. $11.99

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Day 13: I would like to be a pokemon trainer, 1) have more freedom than I do now 2) travel the world 3) become a legend..

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Pixiv Id 3414789, Nintendo, Pokémon, Hibiki (Pokémon), Raichu, Mareep
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Beautiful Manga Art by Eric Proctor! Oh my gosh, such an adorable Bulbasaur!!! If love to stumble upon him in the woods! XD

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☆☆☆ Everyone’s playing Pokemon Go but I’m over here loosing my mind over Mimikkyu! The adorable spooky pokemon that disguises itself as pikachu so it can make friends! Too cute!

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