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Ian Somerhalder & Nikki Reed: He’d Love Her To Get Pregnant ASAP

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! I used to think this Day was a conspiracy of chocolatiers and florists but I realize that taking a day out of our busy lives to celebrate the love in our lives is so important and should be every day. Celebrate love in your

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Ian Somerhalder's Wife Nikki Reed Hopes To Emulate Own Mom Once She Becomes Pregnant #news #fashion

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5 Reasons We Love Ian Somerhalder

5 Reasons We Love Ian Somerhalder - Last year Ian rescued a pregnant stray dog from traffic just outside the Vampire Diaries stages. He took her in and named her Nietzsche. He says, “She is so smart, so beautiful, and charming – all a man could ask for in a girl. So happy together!”

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GA - URGENT FOSTER PLEA! Lives are hanging in the balance here. We are trying very hard to help Rockdale Animal Control and Nikki Reed place this sweet and pregnant dog, who happens to be a pit mix in a foster home. We don't want her to die! Look how sweet she is! We need a safe and welcoming environment for her to bring her babies into the world. Ideally we need a foster able to care for her and her b.

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