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Between a sleepless sick girl, a waking nursing baby the last few nights, a nightmare dreaming 3 year old & my insomnia tonight.... I don't know how I'm going to manage! ;-/ ;)

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E é um longo caminho de volta aos dezessete... os sussurros se transformam em gritos e eu não estou voltando para casa... #nightmares every night... #beard #bearded #barba #Barbudo #fanfab by murillobarba_96

When a toddler wakes up every night screaming as loud as she can, it can be quite frightening. Why is this happening? Is it night terror? Nightmares? What can I do to stop it? Learn how here!

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Morning, people 🖖🏼😚 How can I get rid of nightmares? Since I came to the US, I've been having nightmares every night 😔 С тех пор, как переехала, не могу восстановить режим ☀️🌝 Вчера ворочалась до полтретьего ночи, сегодня проснулась раньше мужа, в семь. И снится черт знает что - то трупы, то просто давящие на психику ужастики 😩 Нужно начать пить ромашку ☕️🌸 #MintOreos #CoffeePlease #BreakfastInBed #trvlblog

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