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Valentinian I was Roman emperor from 364 to 375. During his reign, Valentinian fought successfully against the Alamanni, Quadi, and Sarmatians. His brilliant general Count Theodosius defeated a revolt in Africa and the Great Conspiracy, a coordinated assault on Roman Britain by Picts, Scots, and Saxons. Due to the successful nature of his reign and almost immediate decline of the empire after his death, he is often considered the "last great western emperor".


Constantine II, the 60th Roman Emperor, reigned from from 337 to 340. He was co-emperor alongside his brothers Constantius II and Constans in an empire again divided into sections, one for each brother. The sons of Constantine the Great, however, soon became rivals for power. Constantine II was killed by forces of his youngest brother, Constans, in 240. Constans then claimed the lands previously ruled by Constantine I.


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