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San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua... Is a great place to surf.....after the Nicaraguan Canal is built.....prices will go up


Compañera Rosario resalta introducción del anteproyecto de Ley de Asociación Público Privada en la Asamblea ... - VIva Nicaragua Canal 13

from Brittany from Boston

Top 10 Things to Do in Leon Nicaragua

Leon is an old colonial town in Nicaragua, full of history and culture, and situated near some beautiful natural landmarks. Read on for the top 10 things you should see and do when you come to Leon!


A pedalear se ha dicho arranca la Vuelta Ciclística Claro 2016 - VIva Nicaragua Canal 13

Nicaragua is planning a new canal for container ships and oil tankers. While the project is economically important for China – the apparent driving force behind the canal – it would mean clear-cutting rainforests, mass resettlement and destroying Lake Nicaragua’s ecosystem. Please speak out against this looming environmental disaster.


Ometepe Island, NICARAGUA, and the two volcanoes of Concepcion and Maderas - surrounded by Lake Nicaragua. "El Gran Canal" will destroy the lake.

from The Daily Beast

China’s Nicaragua Canal Could Spark a New Central America Revolution

Many critics thought construction of a canal across Nicaragua never would begin. Now that it’s about to, they ask how it will end—and some are asking for guns to stop it.

Momotombo Volcano, Leon, Nicaragua. Momotombo is a stratovolcano not far from the city of León. It stands on the shores of Lago de Managua. An eruption of the volcano in 1610 forced inhabitants of the Spanish city of León to relocate about 30 miles west.

from The New Yorker

Breaking Ground on the Nicaragua Canal

Breaking Ground on the Nicaragua Canal - The New Yorker