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Non au Grand Canal du Nicaragua ! | Photomontage : un porte conteneurs vue de face se dirige vers nous en pulvérisant la forêt tropicale

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Scientists question rush to build Nicaragua canal

Build Nicaragua,Nicaragua Canal,Question Rush,Scientists Question,Soggy Science

Nicaragua Canal - Wikipedia

The fiasco that is the Nicaragua Canal, explained

Nicaragua canal will wreak havoc on forests and displace people, NGO warns

Forests of the World says shipping companies must pressure Nicaragua and canal’s Chinese backer to limit the project’s impact

1898 Panama Canal, Antique Map, Vintage Lithograph, Nicaragua Canal, San Juan River, Central America, Caribbean Sea, Costa Rica

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How an Indigenous Group Is Battling Construction of the Nicaragua Canal

The Rama community's efforts offer a glimmer of hope for opponents of the canal project planned by a Chinese billionaire

China’s Nicaragua Canal Could Spark a New Central America Revolution

Many critics thought construction of a canal across Nicaragua never would begin. Now that it’s about to, they ask how it will end—and some are asking for guns to stop it.