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my husband and my son

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Why haven't you follow me yet babe? :/ @Niall Dunican Horan I love you, don't you love me? x:)

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Niall Horan on Dating a Fan: "It's a Bonus"

One Direction's Instagram: Best of Niall Horan"MC Nialler about to head to stage... 1DHQ x"Photo: Instagram

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Naill #adorable #Irishboy

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niall horan jessica serfaty date troubadour 01

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Harry: No, Niall, I don't want to date you. I love Louis.

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No need to brag but.... I kinda went on a date with NIALL JAMES HORAN

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Ok I seriously agree well except the girl part lol people think I'm weird but I just take it more serious than others. I don't see the point in dating someone just because you think they are cute or nice that would be a waste of their time and yours. If u can't see spending ur life with them then what's the point in dating?!

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Niall Horan quote

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Ni today (11/13/14)

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