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Next trenchcoat Next coat, label reads U.K. Size 8, the owner wears us size small, on a sleeve one button's missing (pic 3) and a bright pink spot on the tag ( pic 4), lining on the inside has no damage but has 3 darker spots) A very elegant trench coat NEXT Jackets & Coats Trench Coats

15ml custom blended 3-free nail polish using high quality suspension base to prevent glitter from falling to the bottom of the bottle, and solvent resistant glitter which does not bleed or melt in the polish base.A white jelly base filled with micro metallic and matte hex, matte pink, yellow, turquoise, lavender hex, and matte pink heart glitters.Use 3 thin coats to achieve an even, yet sheer coverage. It is suggested to allow each coat to dry before applying the next coat and...

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Next autum - next coat

"Next autum - next coat" by cool-cute ❤ liked on Polyvore featuring Gianvito Rossi, American Apparel, Isabel Marant, Maticevski, Givenchy and Alexander McQueen

To avoid constantly washing brushes between coats, stick your wet brush in a zip lock back and toss it in the freezer. When you are ready to paint your next coat, just take it out and give it a few minutes to defrost and you are good to go. This works for both sponge brushed and regular paint brushed.


Starting to look good, but a few blemishes are showing, so there'll be more wet and dry sanding before the next coats are applied! It;s coming on well though. Final finish will be satincoat, NOT full gloss.

finicky holos, etc. 1. Apply polish in one stroke and don't worry about covering the whole nail in the first try. Don't go over it again or you will create bald spots. 2.Apply a coat of base, clear, or top coat. This will keep the bottom color from coming up with your next coat. 3. Apply the next coat in one stroke covering the rest of the nail. 4. Repeat step #2 and apply one more coat down the middle if desired. 5. Skip top coat if you don't want to dull the holo (depends on…


Super easy DIY for the typical white girls! You will need modge podge, glitter and fish tank rocks. Coat your cup in modge podge where you would want the sparkles. Next sprinkle the glitter. Next coat it in modge podge again. It will act like a gloss. After put fish rocks in your cup. And BOOM makeup brush holder.